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Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2 Out Now!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Hey Hooligans & Anxious Hearts,

Moed & Morin have dropped their third installment to the Moed & Morin franchise entitled "Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2" and is officially out now! Read the full press release below,

"Moed & Morin return with Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2! The third installment from Moed & Morin is out now on Perfect Time Music Group on all music platforms and licensed through APM Music


Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2 is a compilation of hard hitting, gang chanting, thunderous rock tracks that are ready to fill any stadium and arena with energy!

Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2 Tracklisting 1. All Guns Blazin’ 2. Tongue Tied 3. Rev The Engine 4. Rampage 5. On The Shoulders Of Giants 6. Bullet Belt Rebel 7. Doin’ Hard Time 8. Razor Thin 9. March To Victory 10. Glasgow Kiss

Artwork created by @sapiengfx

Raise the horns as Arena Rock Anthems Vol 2 is out now!"

Artwork by Sapien GFX

This album marks the second release Moed & Morin has done with Perfect Time Music Group and the third release with APM Music.

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