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Finding Atlantis soars over 100K, ILC also reports

Whats Up Hooligans!

Dr Jean here again with an awesome announcement!

Just as the new year turned, an epic milestone acheived. Finding Atlantis has officially passed 100K in streaming sales since in it's May 22nd release on Unable Records. JTM is beyond excited and truly believes that us hooligans, haven't even heard the best of it all yet! A new single is due out this spring and believe me when I say, I believe him when he says this.

As well to this, JTM's debut single, 2018's, In Living Color has also recently reported over 50,000 in streaming sales since its February 22nd, 2018 release date. From what we are told, there is plans of a remix of In Living Color slated on the debut new album!

Til next time,

Dr Jean Modo

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