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H&D Debut album coming in 2022, New Moed & Morin and More!

Hey Hooligans,

Dr Jean here with another update as we close out another year of rock n roll!

The Hungry & Dangerous announced via social media on Friday that the bands debut album would be seeing a released date in 2022. The band stated they were in the late stages of the mastering process and more info would be coming in the near future in regards to the album. 2021 was a tremendous year for H&D as we saw 2 singles both rose over 20K in streams, 2 music videos, and worldwide publications and radio rotation. The band inked a deal with Diotima Records and Diotima Music Management in May of 2021 and this forthcoming album will be the first album in the partnership between The Hungry & Dangerous and Diotima Records.

No recent news on a rumored H&D 2022 tour but according to recent interviews, a tour is definitely in the works to support the debut album.

You can check out both singles, The Hungry & Dangerous and Insomniacs now on all major music markets.

Moed & Morin announced this month that they were green lit for the follow up to Halls Of Rock with Perfect Time Music Group. The songwriting duo said that both parties were floored with Halls Of Rock and cannot wait to get to work on album 2. This album will mark the second album with Perfect Time Music Group and Moed & Morin's third album to date with the first being 2021's, Mega Metal Vol I which is out now on TuneGo Metro Park and APM Music.

You can stream both Mega Metal Vol I and Halls Of Rock now on all major streaming platforms and both are available to license through APM Music.

JTM announced via social media that he was in the works for many shows coming in 2022. Whether he was alluding to the rumored H&D tour or maybe more writers round and or local Nashville tribute nights, it seems we will see a lot of shows to be announced in 2022.

Finally, there is a new project in the works that is supposed to be announced in 2022 and from what we have heard its a step in a completely different direction but JTM feels fans of his previous work will really love it.

So be on the look out for a bunch of new releases coming in 2022 and a ton of shows to be announced as well.

Til Next Time,

Dr Jean Modo

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