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Mega Metal Vol 1 out now on APM Music/TuneGo Music Libraries

Hey Hooligans,

JTM & Daniel Morin's debut production album is officially here to stream and license! Check out the full press release from JTM below!

Press Release:

Man this one feels good! Dan Morin and I’s debut production music album, Mega Metal Vol I has officially landed on @apmmusic / @tunego libraries!

Stream and license:

Mega Metal Vol 1 is a collection of heavy metal production music that’s uniquely crafted to be suited for any media outlet and each track is uniquely suited to be as authentic to each sub genre in hard rock/heavy metal.

Special thank you to Matt Lewis & Justin Gregg for their work on specific tracks as well with this record.


1. The Lost Symbol

2. Rebellion Of Dystopia

3. Caverns Of Wonder

4. Purged

5. Standing Tall

6. Matrix Of Tyranny

7. Tempting Fate

8. Infestation Of An Empire

9. Speeding At Night

10. Finale

Moed & Morin comprises songwriter and music producer Jordan Taylor Moed and engineer and composer Dan Morin. The duo creates original compositions in all genres but specializes in rock and metal music. What makes Moed & Morin different is the aspect of the authentic touch they bring to each song they compose and with decades of professional music experience, Moed & Morin are the top guys for rock production music.

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