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New Year, New Tunes!

Whats up hooligans!

As 2020 starting heading towards it end, we have seen many updates from JTM about a new album on the way! Updates included promo videos, shots and clips from the studio and so much more!

The rumor on the street is that a debut solo album is on its way and is slated for a 2021 release. At this moment we can confirm the rock smash "Finding Atlantis" and the anthem rock favorite "In Living Color" will be making its way on this debut record. As well due to fan demand, the 2019 instrumental, "In Living Color" is also slated to be making a landing spot on the record as well.

What do we know?

As of now that the album is mixing/mastering stages but a new single, and most likely the final single before the album is released is slate to arrive in spring of 2021, alongside a new music video.

Get excited for whats to come hooligans, because I know I am....

til next time,

Dr Jean Modo

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