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The Hungry & Dangerous Announce Self Titled Debut Album

Hey Hooligans,

The long awaited announcement of the debut album of H&D was dropped this morning via social media and Youtube! Check out the full press release below!


The Hungry & Dangerous arrives 07/22 on Diotima Records via RockShots Records.

Press Release:

You’ve been asking, and after 2 years of blood, sweat and tears it’s finally on its way! Our self titled debut album is officially dropping July 22nd on Diotima Records via RockShots Records.

The vagabonds of rock n roll, The Hungry & Dangerous have arrived to the music world with their debut self titled album. The Hungry & Dangerous is a statement, a statement of being perseverant and staying true to who you really are. The band's sound is original, unapologetic, authentic balls to the wall rock n roll. From start to finish, their debut album grips you in and doesn't hold anything back.

The Hungry & Dangerous (2022) Track Listing

  1. The Vision

  2. The Hungry & Dangerous

  3. Anxious Hearts

  4. Insomniacs

  5. Ghost Dance

  6. Summer Of 69

  7. Life Won’t Wait

  8. I.L.C. 22’ (feat. Justin Silagyi)

  9. Anxious Hearts (Feat. Greg Gory)

  10. Summer Of 69 (Feat. Jeremiah Dangers)

  11. Ghost Dance (Nashville Sessions)

Til next time,

Dr Jean Modo

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